Ladies Club Report:

On Thursday, Nov. 18, The Dalles Country Club Ladies Club held a nine-hole, cross country scramble for its closing event for the year. The participants included Susan Eddy, Marilyn Urness, Judy Dosier, Bev Tuttle and grandson, Shay, Glenda King, Ed Ritchie, Jim Wall, Bill Ferderer, Janet Tschanz, Pete Kelly, Don and Geri Starbuck, Terry and Arlene Way, Larry and Carmen Toll, Rich and Laura Hess, and Tom and Randi Condon.

These hearty souls braved somewhat cooler temperatures and overcast skies to tackle the annual event. There were birdies and eagles and “barkies, oh my, along with some shimmies and shammies throughout the round.”

“We won’t announce the winners by name, just initials — TAWLCT.” After the successful completion of the golf, the group headed up to the clubhouse to partake of warm food and warmer surroundings. “A hearty thank you goes to the TDCC Ladies Club for putting on the event and supplying a bountiful lunch.”

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