The same night Hood River City Council gave its final approval to new middle-income housing codes, it revitalized plans aimed at expanding affordable housing in the city.

The need for affordable housing in Hood River remains and needs community participation, said Jennifer Kaden, associate planner for the city, who asked for feedback on the scope of future plans. By 2028, trends indicate that only 10 percent of those in the median income range will be able to afford Hood River homes and rentals. In 2019, the median family income in Hood River was $70,700.

The State of Oregon has recently released strategies for addressing housing shortfalls, which Kaden brought for the council’s consideration. In response April 26, the council made plans to search for a consultant and create a task force aimed at expanding low-income and affordable housing. “Affordable” refers to households that earn 120 percent or less of the median family income for Hood River.

The council appointed Councilor Megan Saunders to a task force that would work with a consultant beginning this summer to develop a plan to increase affordable housing in Hood River.