The Hood River Watershed Group will host its first virtual meeting and presentation on Sept. 22 from 6-8 p.m. Benjamin Clemens from Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife will present on The Wondrous Lives of Pacific Lamprey – A Story of Complexity, Diversity, & Adaptability. 

"Pacific lamprey are descendants of an ancient group of fishes that arose in the fossil record ~400 million years ago," said a HRWG press release. "Their persistence through geologic time stems from adaptive traits and widespread distribution.

"However, their numbers have decreased significantly since the early 1900s as a result of dams, impoundments, and other threats in the ocean and freshwaters. Native Americans harvest Pacific lamprey for food, medicine, and culturally important traditions. The species also provides myriad benefits to freshwater ecosystems."

The meeting will be held through the Zoom online meeting platform (with the option to call in). RSVP to or 541-386-6063 to receive the zoom meeting log-in information (include your preferred email address).

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