A wide range of special taxing districts — ports, education districts, water or fire districts, and others — will be on the May 18 Special Districts election ballots in Wasco County and Hood River County. The election will conducted by mail.

March 18 was the last day for tax districts to file a measure, and for candidates to file for office or withdraw their names.

April 27 is the last day to register to vote in Oregon.

Klickitat County

In Klickitat County, a single ballot measure proposal has been submitted in Washington’s April 27 special election.

Glenwood Fire District 8 is proposing an increase in the district’s regular property tax levy, from 76 cents to $1.50 per $1,000 of assessed value. The levy amount would be assessed in 2021 for collection in 2022 if approved.

No ballot proposals were submitted to Skamania County by the Feb. 26 deadline for next month’s election.

Final filings are as follows:

Hood River County

Crystal Springs Water District: Eric Cederstam, Antonio Baptista, Craig Ortega

Hood River County Library District: Karen Bureker, Megan Janik, Lisa Marsden

Hood River County Transportation District: Megan Ramey, Darrell Roberts, Meghan Larivee, Gregory Pack

Hood River County School District: Position 2 — Barb Hosford; Position 4 — Julia Garcia-Ramirez; Position 6 — Brandi Sheppard; At Large — Heidi Parr, Jennifer Kelly

Hood River Valley Parks and Recreation District: Anna Cavaleri, Nan Noteboom

Ice Fountain Water District: Gene Baskins, Terry Benton, Catherine Hamada

Odell Sanitary District: Robert Duddles, James Jans

Parkdale Rural Fire Protection District: Paul Zastrow, Jason Wilkins

Port of Cascade Locks: Position 4 — Joeinne Caldwell; Position 5 — Jess Groves

Port of Hood River: Position 1 — Ben Sheppard, Position 2— Heather Gehring; Position 3 — Mike Fox, Lach Litwer

Westside Rural Fire Protection District: Jim Gray, Jeff Hasegawa;

Wy’East Rural Fire Protect District: Donald Moore, Dick Virk, Robert Graves, Craig Mallon

Mt. Hood Community College:

Zone 1 — Diane McKeel; Zone 2 — Marie Teune, James Zordich

Wasco County

Columbia Gorge Community College

Position 1 (Wasco County) — Frank Polehn; Nathanael Stice; Position 2 (Wasco County) — Jonathan Fost; Position 3 (Hood River County) — Tim Arbogast; Position 5 (Wasco County) — Kim Morgan; Position 7 (Wasco County) — Lucille Begay

Columbia Gorge Education Service District

Zone 2 (Wasco Co Precincts 1, 5, and 7) Holly Price; Stacey Holeman; Zone 3 (Wasco Co Precincts 4, 8, 9, 10-14); Tammarra Ferguson; Zone 4 (At Large) Susan Gabay; Zone 6 (Hood River Precincts 1, 2, and 5) Ian Stromquist; Zone 7 (Hood River Precincts 3, 7, 9-12) Paul Zastrow

Dufur School District

Position 1 — Anne Kelly; Position 3 — Stanley Ashbrook; Position 4 — Robert Wallace

North Wasco School District

Zone 1 — Mary Morehouse; Rebecca Thistlethwaite; Zone 4 — John Nelson, Carla McQuade; Zone 5 — Holly Gove, Brian Stevens; Zone 7 — Portions of Precincts 3,4 and 11) Judy Richardson

South Wasco County School District

Zone 1— Howard Fetz, Paul Koerschgen; Zone 3 — Joshua Thompson; Zone 4 — Tammarra Ferguson; Zone 6 —Kevin Duling

Columbia Rural Fire Protection District

Position 1 — Mike Urness; Position 2 -- Dave Wagenblast

Juniper Flat Fire Protection District

Position 3 — Paul Savery; Position 4 — Brian Silvey; Position 5 — Jerry Duling

Mid Columbia Fire and Rescue

Position 2 — Corey Case; Position 4 — David Jacobs

Mosier Fire District

Position 2 — Todd Reeves; Position 3 — Barbara Ayers, Peter Lawson, Jim Appleton

Tygh Valley Fire Protection District

Position 1 — Dan Jaffe; Position 4 — Steven Ellis

Wamic Rural Fire Protection District

Position 3 — Neil Senger; Position 4 — Larry Warren

Tooley Water District

Position 1 — John Amery; Position 2 — Larry Russ

Tygh Valley Water District

Position 4 — Sam Cobb; Position 5 — Cliff Olson

Wamic Water and Sanitary Authority

Position 4 -- Robert Goleman; Position 5 — Glenn Crawford

Dufur Recreation District

Position 2 — Stanley Ashbrook; Position 4 — William Parke; Position 5 — Steve Kramer

Northern Wasco Parks and Recreation District

Position 1 Michael Held; Justin Brock; Rachel Carter; Position 4 — Ellen Woods; Position 5 — Annette Byers, Curtis Eggers

South Wasco Parks and Recreation

Position 1 — Lisa Gambee (unexpired two-year term); Position 2 — Frank Veenker

Port of The Dalles

Position 1 — Jack Hay, Robert Wallace; Position 3 — John Willer, Marcus Swift

White River Health District

Position 1 — James Holycross; Position 3 — Suzanne Knapp; Position 4 — Andrew Houck