The Dalles track and field head coach Garth Miller has joined forces with co-owner of Kainos Coffee and Pizza and TDHS graduate Marten Boyden on a coffee fundraiser to help offset growing costs ahead of the upcoming 2020 spring campaign.

When Miller initially approached Boyden, it was an instant acceptance.

“It seemed like a win-win for us and this company,” Miller said. “We used to sell coffee as a fundraiser in the past and we got our coffee out of the Seattle area, but when I saw that we could get it locally, and support Kainos here, it just seemed like a good deal for the track team as well as this local business.”

All Kainos coffee is slow roasted in-house with three different flavors, but all coffee lovers can get the limited edition Riverhawk Blend in a one-pound bag in the ground or whole bean variety for $15, while supplies last.

Boyden, a former high school athlete himself, is a big believer in the organization of sports programs and discussed the fact that athletics allows kids to work in unison as teammates and with their coaches.

“All of the things that help me run my business I learned from being part of sports teams,” Boyden said. “We do everything together, we are a team and I think it is really important that we support local organizations to make sure they have the funds they need, the uniforms and the equipment they need to compete on a level playing field with everyone else.”

Kainos originally got its start in Portland, but in February of 2018, Boyden and his wife Mary had a desire to move closer to home.

“We have seen some good growth in this company in those two years and we are hoping for more during the spring and summer this year,” Boyden added. “As a small business, you are striving to be the best, but a lot of times, you are working hard just to get by. In athletics, during wrestling, football, baseball and track season, when you feel like you are at the end, but you just got to keep going. I think that kind of plays into everything you do in life, but especially in small business and athletics.”

Much of the Kainos foundation is built on giving to others and Boyden has spent summers working at the Dream Center in Los Angeles and volunteered time to help kids in the Philippines to name a few activities he is involved in.

A portion of the revenues go towards different charities and organizations, but this is his first time helping a high school athletics program.

“As a company, one of things that we strive to do is give back,” Boyden said. “In the past, we have worked with local and international organizations and it is something we will always do because you want to be known for setting a good example for others to follow.”

Coffee can be purchased at Kainos, located at 418 E. 2nd Street, through any track and field athlete or Miller.

Call the shop at 541-769-0080 or contact Miller at 541-980-3181 to purchase a bag or a case for the office or job site.

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