CGN Kegler's Corner

Here are the highlights from last week’s ten-pin bowling leagues at good old Orchard Lanes up on the Heights in Hood River. If you don’t know where the Heights are, you better find out because it’s where the action is.

In the feisty TUESDAY NITE MIXED league, team Nishi (Jeff Hasegawa, Janet Kawachi, Stuart Kawachi and Joey Sheirbon) clinched first place in the second round of the league. Nishi has an insurmountable 7.5 point lead with only one week left in the round. They can’t lose because only four points are available to win in a match. By winning the second half of the Mixed, they earned the right to bowl against the first half winner and previous league champion, Who Gives a Split (Kristyn Fix, Patty Morrissey, Bill Morrissey, and Patrick Olson) in a three game roll-off for this season’s league championship. The roll-off will be conducted in two weeks. Currently, team Nishi lines up with 156 pins of handicap per game whereas Who Gives A Split has 221 per game. That’d a big advantage to Who Gives A Split but team Nishi is always dangerous in crunch time. Who do you think will win the crown? Should be a dandy match. Come on up and watch it on Tuesday, Feb. 21, starting at 7 p.m.