Hi everybody, nice seeing you again! Greetings from Orchard Lanes, Hood River’s ten-pin bowling emporium. We are happy to report that bowling is alive and well, thanks to all of you. And, league action is still strong. There is an old story about the dad who told his friend the golf pro that his son just got his first birdie. He said his son hit a shot a foot from the hole. The golf pro asked if his son knocked that ball into the cup, whereupon the dad said, “No, we gave it to him, a gimmie.” The golf pro said, “Well, that was too bad,” because his son still did not have a birdie because he did not hit that ball into the cup to make it official. Even golf pros miss short putts. In a nutshell, that is kind of the difference between recreational bowling and league bowling. You do not know how good you really are until it all counts in league action.

And, that brings us to our bowling star of the week, Mick Sherrell. Last week, Mick “picked them up and laid them down,” as the old saying goes. Bowling in the Wednesday afternoon senior Lads and Lassies league, Mick personified impressive consistency with mighty fine scratch games of 212, 211 and 209 for a beautiful 632 series. That exemplary performance was 125 pins over his average, the best outing by all league bowlers at Orchard Lanes last week.

Stuart Kawachi was a close second in the pins over average department. Stu racked up a nifty scratch 243 game and 646 three-game series in the Tuesday Nite Mixed league. That solid showing was 103 sticks over his average.

Last week’s league action produced a bunch of nice scores. In the scratch department, Jeff Miller led after blasting a super 289 game and 715 series in the Wednesday night Fraternal league as did Lynn Spellman with a 678 set and smooth Jeremy Bloom with a 671 series in the same session. Rod Pratt notched a cool scratch 667 set in the Monday night Industrial league.

It is always interesting to see who earned a Reggie Jackson because they were “the stick that stirred the drink.” Here are the big guns from last week: In the Industrial, a “Reggie” goes to Mac Proffitt because he rolled a sharp scratch 255 game and 606 series which powered his MTS team to a 14 –11 point win over a tough Millertime team. Joey Sheirbon gets a “Reggie” for his scratch 240 game and 630 set that keyed his Pat’s Pro Shop team to a 22-3 shellacking of the Orchard Lanes crew. And Rod Pratt gets a “Reggie” for his scratch 667 series that was instrumental in his Mid-Columbia Diesel team’s 17–8 win over Hood River Supply.

In the Fraternal, a “Reggie” goes to Jeff Miller who lit up the strike-a-lites with a nice scratch 715 series which is about average for the pro from The Dalles. But, that turned out to be a remarkable score because the lanes got squirrely by the third game, so Jeff made an incredible adjustment by changing balls and going more direct instead of swinging that big hook of his that often gets him in trouble. As a result, he put together a pro-like string of 10 straight strikes after opening with a spare for a brilliant 289 game. Jeff’s prowess led his team to a 23-2 point tsunami over E & L Auto Machining. And, finally, Lynn Spellman gets a “Reggie” for his scratch 678 set that boosted his team to a 24-1 point win over the powerful Montavon Berries trio. Good bowling everybody, we are glad to see you back on the lanes!


Monday night Industrial:

Rod Pratt 667 series; Patrick Olson 242, 242 games and 667 series; Jeff Miller 269 game; Mac Proffitt 255 game; Joey Sheirbon 240 game; George Buck 237 game; Matt Hodges 236 game; Nancy Asai 220 game

Tuesday Nite Mixed:

Stuart Kawachi 243 game; Jeremy Bloom 243 game; Jennifer Bloom 217 game; Ciena Brittle 210 game

Wednesday afternoon senior Colts & Fillies:

Mick Sherrell 212, 211, 209 games and 632 series; Mike Parke 249, 201 games and 615 series; Dave Baumsteiger 214 game; Bernie Keys 204 game

Wednesday night Fraternal:

Jeff Miller 289 game and 715 series; Lynn Spellman 246 game and 678 series; Jeremy Bloom 235 game and 671 series; Bill Whetstine 650 series; Bill Pullum 237 game; Bernie Keys 224, 208 games; Thursday afternoon senior Lads & Lassies: Bernie Keys 214 game; Paul Dethman 202 game

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