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Post Canyon Trail remains closed at this time.

HRATS (Hood River Area Trail Stewards) has put out a press release to clarify the current situation of county land access, including the popular Post Canyon trail:

"Thank you for your support during these extremely trying times," said the press release. "We know there have been many rumors, news articles and discussion about Hood River County land access including Post Canyon.  HRATS is making progress on getting lands back open, but for now Post Canyon and Hood River County land remain closed to the public at large.

"Hood River County has modified the current ordinance to allow residents of Hood River County Recreational access Hood River County Land. However, they have restricted parking at all Hood River County forest trailheads, recreational staging areas and roads accessing those areas ... The Hood River County Sheriffs Office may strictly enforce the updated order, including distributing fines to violators.

"HRATS has worked tirelessly with county officials and local law enforcement to allow this limited opening to occur.  We will continue to work with county officials, law enforcement, and private landowners to enable further land use.

"The progress we have made is because the mountain bike community has demonstrated compliance with current restrictions. Continuing to adhere to all restrictions will allow us to gain further trust with county officials and land mangers and will make opening land to the greater public possible when it is deemed safe."


• If you are not a Hood River County resident, do not travel to Hood River to recreate.

• If you are a Hood River County resident, do not drive to recreate, either locally or outside county limits.

• Do not poach closed areas.

The following areas within the Gorge remain closed to ALL users:

• Family Man staging area

• Seven Streams staging area (State Parks)

• Binns Hill staging area

• Twin Tunnels Old Highway (State Parks)

• Columbia Gorge National Forest Land, including Syncline

• Mount Hood National Forest Land, including 44 Trails

• Kreps Land, including Hospital Hill

• SDS Land, including Whoopdee and Underwood

"Demonstrating compliance with the current Hood River County ordinance is the first big step in gaining further trail access," said the press release. "As soon as it is safe to do so, Hood River County will welcome all trail users, from near and far, back to Hood River with open arms. 

"Until then please stay safe and recreate in your neighborhoods."

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