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PORTLAND, Ore., April 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Source, a Portland-based digital product library and specification platform that connects architects, designers, contractors, and manufacturers in commercial construction, announced today the expansion of its same-day delivery service in Seattle, Washington. This service is designed for commercial interior designers and architects looking for a central solution to increase design efficiencies, and help find the right materials with the world's largest database of commercial construction products. From desktop to doorstep in the same-day, designers are able to order samples online from the world's largest commercial construction library, receive contactless delivery, and hassle free sample returns.

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To the editor: So happy to see the plans for the Sunshine Mill. Marvelous design! Now, if we could get the same architect to make over the plans for that horrific hotel going in in the Granada block. That’s going to fit in like a diamond in a goat’s ear.