Pro-choice is pro-life

Now that’s a bold statement so please hear me out. A 33 year career in nurse-midwifery and being a passionate environmental activist has given me a bird’s eye view of this issue. I can truly sympathize with people who feel that any fertilized egg is a person with a right to be born. What I can’t abide is a politician who uses the idea of “pro-life” to amass votes while simultaneously blocking sensible gun laws that protect those lives once they are here and loved. These same politicians who proclaim their undying support of an embryo or fetus, will block their states from acquiring federal Medicaid funding risking the health of those most affected by anti-abortion laws. They block food and labor safety laws, environmental laws that protect our land, air and water and funding for education that would improve life through innovation and ability to earn a better living. This is not pro-life.