Braver Angels

Participants, observers, and Braver Angels volunteers are pictured at a Red/Blue Workshop at Hegewald Center in Stevenson April 22.

Thirty-eight interested citizens, plus eight Braver Angels volunteers, participated in the Red/Blue Workshop held in Stevenson April 22. Braver Angels is a national movement to bring liberals, conservatives, and others together at the grassroots level for open and honest discussions about their different points of view as well as what they hold in common.

The workshop was one type of Braver Angels initiative. Discussions were facilitated within and between two groups, one identifying themselves as “Red-leaning,” the other as “Blue-leaning.” A typical exercise had each group examining what they considered to be the most common false stereotypes that the other group held about them. Then, the task was to correct that stereotype, explaining their own side’s perspective. Finally, they were challenged to expand their point of view and identify any kernel of truth within the stereotype.