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Hold on to your seats, friends, because we’re going to cover a lot of ground in today’s column. Let’s break this down into two main categories for easier consumption: How to pay for stuff, and subscriptions.

Last week a politician speaking on National Public Radio against gun regulations stated that an assault rifle like the AR-15 is no different than a hunting rifle. “It shoots the same ammunition,” he said.

When I first started working at Hood River News (11 years ago, but who’s counting?), I had this idea that being a reporter was just about words. So that is what I concentrated on when I was assigned my first story: I researched, I interviewed, I wrote, and I filed the finished article.

As Chair of the Committee tasked with managing Mid-Columbia Medical Center’s Strategic Partnership Exploration and a practicing physician at MCMC, I’d like to share my perspective on what this process means for our community.

In the early days of the pandemic — a lifetime ago it seems now — the Columbia Gorge News invited readers to share how the pandemic was reshaping their lives, and how they were learning to cope with those changes. Their stories were published under the heading “Coping with COVID.”

Why do we place certain news items on some pages, but not on others? Why can’t we slip in a short press release about — for example — a city council meeting on the sports page? Why isn’t there wiggle room on letters to the editor, but there is in press releases?

Below are the names of letter writers to Columbia Gorge News, Jan. 6 through Dec. 29. An asterisk (*) indicates a co-signed letter. The number following a name indicates total number of letters written; names appear in alphabetical order.

Winter in the Columbia River Gorge can be stark, cold and dangerous. For those living with limited means and resources winter, can be a nightmare of cold and discomfort and sometimes tragedy.

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There has been some confusion recently on how to submit content for publication in Columbia Gorge News — deadlines, protocols, where to send, what to send — and, since this has become something of an issue (for us and for our submitters), I figured it is worth another mention in the column.

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OLYMPIA — The Washington Association of School Administrators (WASA) and the Washington State School Directors’ Association (WSSDA) have responded to increasingly hostile and aggressive public behavior in school board meetings and online discussions, as well as in-person confrontations direc…

These days it seems we are craving the simple manners of being kind. Sometimes I am amazed by kindness beyond words. The kind that touches your soul and reminds you of the ways in which we thrive.

I’ve lost track of how many years I kept a running list of our letter writers for Hood River News’ opinion page — maybe 5? — but I’m glad to be able to continue the tradition in Columbia Gorge News. Letters to the editor are an important part of any newspaper, and we give credit here to thos…

Letter writers to Columbia Gorge News, April 8 — our first edition — through Dec. 30. An asterisk (*) indicates a co-signed letter. The number following a name indicates total number of letters written; names appear in alphabetical order.

Thirty years ago, I remember doing some quick math as I watched the news magazine show 20/20 with Hugh Downs and Barbara Walters: In the year 2020, I’d be the unimaginable age of 48.

Thanksgiving is a great time for counting our blessings and expressing gratitude. In challenging times, an attitude of gratitude is all the more important, and this year has been one of the most difficult for so many! Nevertheless, we’ve seen many people in communities across our country who…

I was greatly encouraged by developments in Portland this past week, when Black Lives Matter organizers seeking racial justice refused to participate in a “direct action” march to downtown Portland, choosing peace over chaos.

We receive numerous press releases (PRs) at Columbia Gorge News, but based on the questions we get regarding everything from word count to run dates to content, the process of getting a PR into print appears to be something of a mystery.

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At least one reader of the Columbia Gorge News questioned last week's “Verbatim” story on the History page, which ran under its original headline “Pleaded Guilty To Wrong Offense.”The reader suggested that the description of the Native American defendant, as presented on the front page of th…

Uninformed mediaIt’s so unfortunate so many people believe in the media’s reporting of what is actually happening in Washington. You hear information directly from the people in the White House. Most of it is fact, some is possible and some is “we will see.” The stuff reported in the media h…

Readers of the Hood River News and The Dalles Chronicle alike will have received this combined edition of their twice-weekly community newspaper with surprise. The Dalles and Hood River? Together? What is going on?

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SALEM – Following the announcement Thursday, March 26 by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) that it will close all recreational fisheries in the state of Washington, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife announced that it will also close recreational salmon and steelh…

Who knew Tom Brady was such a philanthropist?Tuesday morning, in the wake of quarantining and mass closures, came the news of a 42-year-old quarterback who is going to take his ball and play somewhere else.Thanks go to the NFL, and Newport Police Department, for providing us some needed dist…

I had learned that you should always shout louder than your aggressor.” — From “Persepolis: The Story of a Childhood” by Iranian emigre Marjane Satrapi.

Letters to the Editor submissions were down all around in 2019. We received 639 letters from 379 writers this year. Contrast that to 2018, when the News received 865 letters by 476 different writers — that’s 226 fewer letters and 97 fewer writers this year.

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