wind turbines 2009

This May 5, 2009 photo shows the Biglow Canyon Wind Farm, viewed here from Highway 97 between Wasco and Moro. This farm is owned by Portland General Electric and began operations in 2007. At night, red navigation lights are visible well to the northeast, from turbines in Sherman and Klickitat counties.  Washington is considering legislation to require systems to turn off the lights when no aircraft are present. 

Editor’s note: The following is testimony made before Washington’s Environment, Energy & Technology Committee by Paul Krupin, regarding SHB 1173. The bill requires implementing technology that shuts off blinking red lights on top wind towers when no aircraft are nearby.

My name is Paul Krupin. I am a retired environmental protection specialist with a BA, MS, and a well-used law degree. I live in Kennewick, Wash.