Erin Katharine Grieve, 26, and Shawn Clark Seamons, 32, both of Midway, Utah, on Sept. 1.

Billie Jean Brown, 66, and Neal Martin Hewitt, 70, both of Sandpoint, Idaho, on Sept. 6.

Matthew Ryan Eschbach, 27, and Katelyn Irene Ratliff, 26, both of Tacoma, on Sept. 6.

Andrew Robert Stenberg, 24, of Bingen, and Raquel Vianna Faith Bruggeman, 22, of Parkdale, on Sept. 6.

Barbara Jessica Lopez Yanez, 26, and Cesar Manuel Martinez, 27, both of Hood River, on Sept. 8.

Shelly Wilmarth Wallace, 36, and James Edward Edson, 36, both of Denver, on Sept. 8.

Elizabeth Anne Mattecheck, 28, and Nicholas Donald Willard, 28, both of San Francisco, on Sept. 11.

Dean Forrest Bates, 54, and Jill Marie Harper, 47, both of Cascade Locks, on Sept. 14.

Ana Amelia Garcia Luna, 42, and Javier Esquives Maldonado, 40, both of Hood River, on Sept. 14.

Marcos Rafael Zavala Soria, 21, and Lizbeth Lopez Cortes, 19, both of Parkdale, on Sept. 14.

Amy Rose Metcalfe, 29, and Patrick James Noonan, 29, both of Seattle, on Sept. 15.

Shane Robert Hancock, 56, and Anita Baker, 60, both of Portland, on Sept. 20.

Nathan Dean Haines Jr., 39, and Stefani Lynn Potts, 35, both of Maupin, on Sept. 21.

Kailey Brooke Johnson, 23, and Jonathan David Roe, 22, both of Cascade Locks, on Sept. 21.

Casey Atherton Aschauer, 32, and Patrick Devin Hughes, 33, both of White Salmon, on Sept. 22.

Zachary Carl DeHart, 26, and Heather Marie-Ashley Tengwall, 26, both of Hood River, on Sept. 25.

Hilary Brooke Nicholls, 32, of Hood River, and Ben Bracher Zimmerman, 40, of White Salmon, on Sept. 25.

Ryan J. Ossola, 36, and Alicia Joy Ruby, 32, both of Mt. Hood-Parkdale, on Sept. 25.

Caitlin Anne Anghilante, 34, and Barry Darren Matsuo Pederson, 34, both of Hood River, on Sept. 26.

Leah Cascade Gilliom, 26, and Eric Carlos Rojas, 25, both of Hood River, on Sept. 26.

David Yusef Sadr, 35, and Jodie Wolcott Gates, 32, both of Hood River, on Sept. 29.

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