Mary Davis Cobey, 33, and Sean Patrick Hallissey, 44, both of Hood River, on July 1.

Natalie Lynn Johnson, 23, of Hood River, and Seth David Fults, 23, of Portland, on July 1.

Olivia Ann Luke 31, and Eric Clayton Hand, 31, both of Albany, Ore., on July 1.

Scott Gregory Paulson, 46, and Shelby Caprice Linn, 46, both of Bend, Ore., on July 1.

Josefina Elizabeth Hernandez Meza, 19, and Hector Delgado Gomez, 24, both of White Salmon, Wash., on July 5.

Chaulee Vang, 34, and Maurice Daniel Saulsby, 37, both of Spokane, Wash., on July 5.

Marley Ann Bellwood, 33, and Bryan James Finnegan, 34, both of Chicago, on July 6.

Isabella Crystal Martinez, 31, and Juan Gabriel Reveles, 38, both of Hood River, on July 6.

Todd Matthew Douglas, 31, and Brittney Kay Barton, 32, both of Woodland, Wash., on July 7.

Nicholas Rankin Head, 25, and Danielle Nicole Bradley, 27, both of Sisters, Ore., on July 8.

Maricela Gallegos-Garcia, 20, and Omar Rayo Betancourt, 23, both of Hood River, on July 11.

Julie Marie Zanetti, 35, and William John Atkinson, III, 35, both of Seven Fields, Pa., on July 11.

Elaine D. Udelius, 68, and Danny Royal Thomas Green, 68, both of Hood River, on July 12.

Magdalen Faith Powers, 47, of Salem, Ore., and James Lynn McCormack, 52, of Portland, Ore., on July 13.

Scott Howard Sorensen, 53, and Bettina Marie Bardin-Brown, 50, both of Hood River, on July 14.

Scott Alan Zwolski, Jr., 26, and Kristen Elizabeth Rabe, 26, both of South Elgin, Ill., on July 14.

Dean Joseph Fernette, 29, and Hayley Marie Thompson, 22, both of Hood River, on July 15.

Bridie Amanda Hughes, 35, and John Cawthorne, VI, 34, both of Portland, Ore., on July 15.

Kris Michelle McGuffey, 28, and Christopher Lee Ferreira, 40, both of Moxie, Wash., on July 18.

Erika Navarro Andrade, 36, of Hood River, and Jose Jaime Munoz-Marquez, 33, of Romeoville, Ill., on July 18.

Austin James Elmer, 21, and Haley Dawn Sparks, 22, both of Hood River, on July 19.

Marcela Meza Garcia, 18, and Juan Francisco Ibarra, 24, both of Hood River, on July 21.

Alexander Thomas Kruse, 28, and Abbea Rodnae Blasi, 28, both of Wichita, Kan., on July 21.

Cendy Leticia Contreras, 32, of Parkdale, and Muricio Munguia, 31, of Whatsonville, Calif., on July 22.

Shayra Naely Sanchez, 21, and Ivan de Jesus de Luna Macias, 26, both of Hood River, on July 25.

Lewis Lee Ambers, 53, and Debbie Jean Morrissey, 50, both of Mt. Hood, on July 26.

Sergio Orquiz, 22, and Alma Karen Renteria Carrillo, 22, both of The Dalles, on July 26.

Sharon Ann Sanders, 72, of Tigard, ore., and Thomas Elton Sanders, 72, of Salem, Ore., on July 26.

Osvaldo Socarras Perez, 28, and Gloria Hernandez Torres, 33, both of Hood River, on July 27.

Christopher Lucas Stoia, 31, and Lizette Macaraeg, 36, both of Olympia, Wash., on July 27.

Matthew Christian Burke, 26, and Hannah Sadie Nordgren, 22, both of Savannah, Ga., on July 28.

Megan Anne Snelling, 33, and Benjamin Joseph Scott, 39, both of Portland, Ore., on July 28.

Jessica Marie Ellis, 24, and Luther Earle Birdzell, IV, 39, both of Hood River, on July 29.

Jenny Rebecca Hayes, 42, of Portland, Ore., and Maya Bree-Anne Trook, 37, of Mosier, on July 29.

Gina Marie Lawton, 36, and John Adams Bennett, 35, both of Parkdale, on July 29.

Brenda Munoz, 25, and Senen Hernandez Flores, 25, both of Mt. Hood, on July 29.

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