Native plant sales are now open for all three Central Columbia Gorge Conservation Districts (Hood River and Wasco in Oregon and Underwood in Washington). Each conservation district is hosting their own sale, offering a wide range of low-cost native plant species.

Native plants provide a wealth of ecological services, providing food and habitat for pollinators, birds, and other wildlife, stabilizing soils, providing wind breaks and offering shade to streams. Once established, native plants require minimal inputs such as fertilizers, constant irrigation, and maintenance, resulting in reduced chemical runoff, water use, and labor — not to mention they reward landowners with plenty of beautiful blossoms, shade and privacy.

Each district sale offers a wide variety of plants with plants suited for every condition. Each conservation district has their own ordering process and pickup dates, contacts below.

To order

  • Hood River Soil & Water Conservation District (covering Hood River County):, or call 541-386-4588
  • Wasco County Soil & Water Conservation District (covering Wasco County):, or call 541-296-6178 ext 122
  • Underwood Conservation District (covering all of Skamania County and western Klickitat County),, or call 509-493-1936

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