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Police and EMS help the driver in the Oak Street hit and run get into the ambulance.

Responders in the Mid-Columbia saw a trio of accidents happen within minutes of each other around 2:30 p.m. Monday.

Oregon State Police responded to a collision between a semi and a car just west of Interstate 84, milepost 69, near Mosier, a hit-and-run happened on Oak Street in Hood River, and a three-car pile-up on West Cascade briefly brought traffic to a halt for about a half-hour from Les Schwab Tire Center east to Walmart.

All three were non-injury accidents; details on the accident near Mosier were unavailable at press time. Mosier Fire Department, Wy’East Fire District, and Hood River Fire Department responded to the scene.

Witnesses reported a hit-and-run at Oak and 13th streets in Hood River; the driver of a Subaru sedan with Washington plates hit a vehicle at the intersection and continued east-bound on Oak , allegedly swerved through both lanes of traffic and about two blocks east hit a second car and, at Ninth, nearly hit a third car, according to Officer Mike Martin. Officers Martin and Kyle Zuercher responded and angled their cars into Oak at Eighth, blocking the suspect, who pulled over next to the retaining wall.

“We reached in and removed the keys from the car,” Martin said.

The driver, a man in his mid-20s, was unable to stand up when helped from his sedan by police and EMS. Klickitat Valley Ambulance crew and police placed the driver on a gurney for transport; officers found a half-empty bottle of whiskey in the backseat of the sedan.

Meanwhile, police and Hood River County Sheriff responded to a three-car accident on West Cascade. A driver with a child in the car was stopped westbound preparing to turn into Les Schwab when hit from behind by a vehicle that was in turn rear-ended by a third vehicle, according to Sheriff Matt English. The second and third vehicles were driveable; the first car had to be towed, West Side Fire and Hood River Fire both responded.

Juan Guzman of Guzman Towing arrived at the West Cascade crash scene with the Subaru from the Oak Street hit-and-run still loaded on his bed, and swept glass and debris from the roadway while he waited for his son, Aaron, in a second truck, to tow the vehicle from the road.