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Antoni Porowski doesn't think it's "necessary" to label his sexuality.

The 'Queer Eye' star has had relationships with both men and women and most identifies with the term "fluid", simply because it's the only tag that doesn't make him "cringe".

He told the Beauty of Pride digital issue of Britain's Glamour magazine: "There are many people I speak to and I 100% understand why they have a label and why they want to identify with a group.

"For me I identify as fluid because I've had relationships with women. Then I dated guys, then women and now I've been with guys for this later part of my life.

“But even with the term fluid, that's the only one that for myself doesn't make me cringe. It's the one that I'm most comfortable with. In my brain, whenever somebody asks me or refers to me as gay or even fluid, I'm always like, 'Why do I need a f****** label? Why?' It's just not necessary.”

The 37-year-old star - who is in a relationship with Kevin Harrington - admitted being in the public eye has given him a better insight to the prejudice faced by the LGBTQIA+ community because he "got away with a lot" when he was unknown as people just assumed he was straight and so he now feels a "responsibility" to speak out on the subject.

He said: “I have a responsibility not only to my heritage but also to my LGBTQIA+ community. I was very ignorant to a lot of what was going on prior to living a public life, mainly because I think I do come from a place of privilege in many aspects.

"For most of my life, it was just assumed that I was straight. No one ever really knew that I was in a gay relationship or that I was dating a guy, unless I really told them.

"I feel like I got away with a lot more than my castmates did, or a lot of other people that I hear about. The responsibility really came with having a platform and being more immersed in the LGBTQIA+ environment really lit the fire under my ass.”

Antoni is one of five Glamour cover stars this month, with Ruby Rose, Madison Bailey, Kim Petras and Gottmik also featuring.

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