The past two weeks of ten-pin bowling in league action at Hood River’s Orchard Lanes produced some mighty fine scores. There were five 700 three game series and two near-perfect games. Proprietor Patrick Olson led the way with a solid scratch 740 series that he punched out in the Monday night Industrial league and for the umpteenth time he knocked on the door of perfection in the Wednesday night Fraternal league but a stubborn 10-pin foiled his bid for a 300 game. He settled for a 299. All 12 of his tosses were in the pocket but that last one came in just a little late in the 1-3 pocket, which is often the reason why what appears to be a good strike shot turns into a frustrating 10-pin leave. Nancy Asai also found the range in the Industrial as she splashed 10 straight strikes on her way to a lofty 288.

Jeremy Bloom, D & S Frame and Body Shop’s main man, is wreaking havoc on the sticks this season. He has jumped out of the gate to quite an impressive start. Last week, he pummeled the pins to the tune of a super scratch 733 set in the Fraternal, which raised his average to a gaudy 224 pins per game. Folks, that’s pro stuff! Jeremy is a finesse stylist who has mastered the art of letting the ball do ALL the work. He doesn’t twist up in knots trying to crank the ball into a monster hook and he doesn’t huck it down the lane at jet speed. He could bowl all day and night and not break a sweat. It’s really impossible to describe how he does it so you’re just going to have to come on up in person and see him in action. You will be amazed.

Levi Phelps, on the other hand, has started slowly this season but the tall, lanky youngster exploded out of those doldrums last week with a flashy scratch 718 series in the Fraternal. That virtuoso performance was 157 pins over his average, the best outing of all bowlers in league action which earns Levi the bowler of the week honor. Levi’s game is also finesse oriented, he plays the lanes toward the middle, keeping his ball in play with an accurate, controllable hook that he creates mostly because he generates excellent speed with ease. Levi also earns a “Reggie” for his punishing pin work as he led his team to a 16-9 point win over the tough Electronics Assemblers trio.

Paul Dethman had a nice outing in the Thursday afternoon senior Lads & Lassies league, where he notched a nifty scratch 658 series which was 112 pins over his average. Paul puts in a lot of practice to get his game in shape. This is his reward for all that work!

Aaron Troxel was 107 pins over his average in the Industrial as he notched a fine 600 series along with teammate Woody Eskildsen. These two powered their Hood River Supply team to a 22-3 point waxing of their opponents. For their combined pin busting, let’s give a “Reggie” to Aaron with an assist to Woody. Good bowling everyone!


Monday night Industrial:

Patrick Olson 258, 253, 246 games and 740 series

Matt Hodges 246 game and 668 series

Lynn Spellman 238 game and 654 series

Jeff Miller 235 game and 654 series

Nancy Asai 288 game and 607 series

Travis Adams 243 game

Carl Casey 236 game

Tuesday Nite Mixed:

Patrick Olson 257 game and 681 series

Wynn Winfield 256 game

Brandon Kawachi 243 game

Chad Mason 235 game

Nancy Asai 201 game

Wednesday afternoon senior Colts & Fillies:

Mike Parke 224, 207, 204 games and 635 series

Lynn Spellman 249, 249 games and 605 series

Mick Sherrell 247 game

John Lyon 205 game

Sue Spellman 203 game

Wednesday Night Fraternal:

Jeremy Bloom 268, 248 games and 733 series

Levi Phelps 267, 258 games and 718 series

Jeff Miller 259, 256, 239 games and 710 series

Patrick Olson 299, 257 games and 706 series

Bill Pullum 245 game and 679 series

Roger Montavon 258 game and 650 series

Bennie Lopez 254 game

Josh Worth 250 game

John Riggleman 245 game

Bryan Mason 237 game

Bill Whetstine 237 game

Stan Pratnicki 236 game

Bernie Keys 215 game

Thursday afternoon senior Lads & Lassies:

Paul Dethman 226, 217, 215 games and 658 series

Jesse Flores 211 game

George Buck 203 game

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