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An undated postcard, “#556, The Narrows, & R.R. Bridge. Columbia River.” Photograph shows the Long Narrows viewed from east of The Dalles, looking west. Mount Hood can be seen in the background. The narrows were covered by the backwaters of The Dalles Dam.

1910 — 110 years ago

George L. Batchelder, the 15-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Batchelder, who last year won a prize for constructing an aeroplane model in competition with other boys of Oregon, has just been awarded another prize in competition with several hundred boys from all sections of the United States. A picture of young Batchelder appears in the Sunday Oregonian with a model of his prize winning airship.

The miniature flying machine built by the Hood River lad is of a unique model, embodying some new ideas in aviation. It was constructed in a short space of time. The trophy won by young Batcheler was a cash prize offered by Fly, an aeronautical magazine.

Hood River apples are produced by a combination of Hood River soil and Hood River climate. The reason that these apples are in demand and command top prices over all other fruits is not because they come from Hood River, but because they are superior apples.

1920 — 100 years ago

The first organized attempt to use airplanes in Oregon for the distribution of mail will be inaugurated this week, beginning tomorrow, when a fleet of airplanes will leave Portland carrying huge bundles of invitations to the merchants of the state to participate in Buyer’s Week, Aug. 9-14 inclusive. Owing to the fact that Hood River has not yet made provision for a landing piece for airplanes, the mail carrying plane will not alight here, but will descend low enough to drop its mail pouches and will then continue on to The Dalles. Postmaster Reavis is making arrangements for the mail pouch to be brought downtown and the mail delivered.

1930 — 90 years ago

News that the British government had placed an embargo on certain types of American apples from July 7 to November 15 created consternation in certain circles and the fear was expressed that this embargo is in retaliation for the tariff recently applied...

1940 — 80 years ago

Following the oppressive heat of Tuesday, thunder heads formed in the area west of Hood River, and in the late afternoon a thunderstorm was in progress to the west and south. The storm center was over the southern end of the Mount Hood National Forest, and the lightning started a number of fires in forested areas.

1950 — 70 years ago

Will rains affect the 1950 cherry crop or will Hood River Valley have a dry cherry harvest season and be able to reap one of the better harvests of history? That is the almost-unmentionable question before growers as the beginning of harvest season draws near.

Speculation as to future developments on the new Columbia River Highway arose here late this week with an unofficial visit by a member of the state highway engineering force. It was reported here by a reliable source that the state engineer believed the contract for the Viento-Mitchell Point reconstruction of the Columbia river highway would be let in the “very near future.”

1960 — 60 years ago

Hood River’s agriculture industry began to pour its annual swarm of fine, fat produce into the flats, bins and boxes of local packing firms this week as the biggest of those firms told plans for a major addition to its valley plant complex.

1980 — 40 years ago

If Mount St. Helens has become a pain in the ash for those unfortunate enough to reside downwind of her, it’s always nice to know there is a bright spot on the horizon — somewhere. For, indeed, as far away as Virginia the mountain has caused American ingenuity to surface in search of a buck.

Whose bucks? Your and mine, of course, and this particular endeavor hits pretty close to home in another way. Hood River residents have become living, breathing guinea pigs in a research project ... to measure the psychological impact of Mother Nature’s latest problem child.

1990 — 30 years ago

A Wamic area rancher won the unanimous approval of the Wasco County Planning Commission to set up a sporting clay course for hunting practice on his property.

2000 — 20 years ago

Providence Hood River Memorial Hospital will buy the Care Corner facility at 1151 May St., in an agreement reached this week with Mid-Columbia Medical Center in The Dalles.

2010 — 10 years ago

Starting this week, Gorge residents who want to upgrade body, mind and soul have a new option in a three-story building just north of Interstate 84 and west of The Dalles Bridge.