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Thank a farmworker today.

The Gorge is a place of hope and promise for many. We find strength in our diversity. And we celebrate what makes each of us unique.

We’re going to get through this pandemic. We’ll do it the way we have gotten through other tough times — together.

Now is the start of harvest season. With that comes nearly 10,000 workers to our region. These workers bring with them their families and their resilience. They also bring their hope that we in the Gorge will again welcome them with open arms.

The Gorge is a leader in agriculture in the northwest. Our orchards, fields, and packing houses are very important to our economy. These farmworkers are essential workers. They feed our community and others around the world.

We may hear others voice concerns over farmworkers coming to the Gorge this harvest season. If we do, let’s remind them how important farmworkers are to our community. Let’s remind them of the bounty they bring to our tables in the Gorge and beyond.

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