Darrell Klampe

Darrell Klampe, a Navy veteran who has lived in The Dalles since 1957, will serve as Grand Marshal in this year’s Cherry Festival parade.A

This year, when Darrell Klampe rides through The Dalles as the Grand Marshal of the Northwest Cherry Festival, the title will be new to him, but the experience of being in the parade won’t be.

Klampe moved to The Dalles in 1957, and even though he didn’t grow up in the Gorge, the spirit of The Dalles comes through Darrell in his love of cherries and agriculture. As a Master Gardener, Klampe was revered around The Dalles for his delicious raspberries and his gift to always grow the biggest, tastiest garlic. More than just his green thumbs, he was known for his generosity, as he was always more than happy to give his crops away. In fact, Klampe would donate his garlic to local restaurants, even going so far as to teach one of the restaurant owners how to grow garlic themselves.