The History Museum of Hood River County has acknowledged the generosity of the Mt. Defiance Wine Company for a recent history-connected donation.

During a recent fundraising drive, owner Bob Morus and his wife Lynette Barss-Morus (general manager) earmarked $1 from the local sale of every bottle of wine to the History Museum.

“Such focused generosity by people like Bob and Lynette ensure that local museums will continue to thrive,” said Lynn Orr, museum director, in a press release.

“And you Hood Riverites sure pitched in! What a gesture of support and encouragement!” Orr said.

Founder/president/director of wine growing for Phelps Creek Vineyards, Morus has been a prime mover in the local vineyard scene since 1989.

Bob and Lynette are the driving forces behind the joint entity of Mt. Defiance Wine Company and Phelps Creek Vineyard, located west of Hood River.

When asked about this targeted fundraising effort and what spurred them to support The History Museum, Lynette mentioned being swept up in a recent museum production of “Cemetery Tales” (most recently performed in 2018.)

This annual dramatic event has been staged in Idlewild Cemetery. One character brought theatrically to life was the professional baseball player turned charismatic preacher and fiery Prohibitionist Billy Sunday, a Hood River County resident in the early 20th century. (Rev. David King portrayed Rev. Sunday.)

In honor of this firebrand, Morus had named two of their wines Hellfire and Brimstone.

“We thank Bob and Lynette for with standing with us to mark the value of human culture and history, of shared science, of the arts and culture: All the fields that underpin a healthy society,” Orr said.

The tasting room, located at 1850 Country Club Road, is open to limited numbers of guests Call Phelps Creek at 541-386-2607 to make arrangements.

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