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The Dalles-Celilo canal under construction, prior to 1910, is pictured looking east near its upriver terminus at Celilo Falls, which are located at the left side of the photograph. Construction of the canal began in 1905 and completed in 1915.  The federal government spent $5 million on its construction. 


1920 — 100 years ago

Post Office Inspector W.F. Case, who was here last weekend, has now posted a notice in the post office calling for bids for new quarters for our local postal staff. It will be remembered that last year, an effort was made to secure a new and adequate building for the post office, and it was expected a building would be erected on the corner of Fourth and Cascade. However, the deal fell through. — Hood River News

Bert Bagley, who for 22 years has operated the City Dairy in The Dalles, has sold his business to John, Joe and George Scherrer. The purchasers of the dairy are now in possession and are operating the business. The new owners of the dairy are dairymen of long experience, the Scherrers being the pi8oneer dairying family of the community. —The Dalles Chronicle

The proposition to bond the county for $100,000 to build the hard-surface highway from this city to Dufur was unanimously endorsed at a meeting Tuesday of the Wasco County farmers’ union, held at Dufur. Resolutions were passed setting forth the advantages of such a move. — The Dalles Chronicle

1940 — 80 years ago

Once again, the much-maligned black widow spider breaks into the news, following the discovery of a small colony of these spiders at the Standard Oil plant. These spiders have been frequently seen in several Mid-Columbia communities over a long period of years, but no record of anyone having been bitten by one of these spiders in this vicinity is on record during the past 22 years. Specimens may now be seen in the chamber of commerce. — Hood River News

Wasco County men between the ages of 21 and 36 today were marking time until noon tomorrow, when Secretary of War Henry L. Stimson will draw the first number out of the “fish bowl” at Washington, D.C., as the second main step toward peace-time conscription, being conducted under regulations of the national selective service act. Drawing is expected to last approximately 24 hours or until such time as to provide the 800,000 men required for the first draft. — The Dalles Chronicle

1960 — 60 years ago

A move to overhaul the Hood River Valley home address and street numbering system, from the Columbia River to Mount Hood, has been started by the county planning commission and is enthusiastically endorsed by the U.S. Post Office and the local chamber of commerce. The drastic change would give a street and house number to every residence in the valley and would take out of use the present box number system of rural address marking. Planners say it would create a logical, consistent identification for residences and would aid mailmen, fire departments and other special service agencies in quick location of places and persons here. — Hood River News

Unit No. 14, the last of the generators on the initial schedule, went on the line today at The Dalles Dam as the button was pushed in a ceremony watched by workers, guests and Corps of Engineers officials. — The Dalles Chronicle

1970 — 50 years ago

A meeting held on Oct. 11 at the PUD building in White Salmon culminated in the founding of the Mt. Adams Snowmobile Club. Carroll Irish was elected president, Bubs Murray vice president, and Mrs. Cecil Jaksha secretary-treasurer. A Code of Ethics and Constitution was read and adopted by the new club. — White Salmon Enterprise

1980 — 40 years ago

Oregon Gov. Vic Atiyeh has sent letters to Washington gubernatorial candidates inviting their responses for forming a bistate compact on the Columbia River Gorge. He hopes positive response from the winner of the Washington race could lead to a program which would assure that the protection of the Columbia River Gorge would be handled at the two-state level, not by federal administrators. — Hood River News

On Friday, Nov. 7, at 2 p.m. a “wall signing” will be held to mark the groundbreaking for the expansion recently begun at The Dalles General Hospital. Board members and civic officials will be the first to “sign in, please” as they autograph huge wall panels that will be incorporated into the construction of the remodeled buildings. The panels will serve as giant time capsules. Everyone will be asked to sign their name along with a comment or phrase that describes the 1980s. — The Dalles Chronicle

(1979) White Salmon resident R.T. “Andy” Anderson will have stories to tell next week after his long-awaited trip to D.C. There, he has been invited to meet with President Jimmy Carter in the Old Executive Office Building on Pennsylvania Avenue. Lunch will be provided compliments of the White House. “It’s not every day that you get invited to see the president. Sure, I’m going. I guess I’m kind of excited,” he said. Anderson, 60, who has lived in White Salmon since 1946, and this year’s chairman of the Klickitat County Democratic Central Committee. — White Salmon Enterprise

1990 — 30 years ago

A step was taken in the ongoing sewer struggle between Bingen and White Salmon here Monday night, but the step’s direction would be better described as sideways rather than forward. During a joint council meeting between Bingen and White Salmon, members of both councils were able to update and progress on the communities’ common sewer problem — a hookup moratorium has been in effect for over 18 months because of questions about the Bingen treatment plant’s capacity – and discuss the first draft of a new wastewater treatment and disposal service contract between the two cities. — White Salmon Enterprise

2000 — 20 years ago

The first snow of the season fell on Mount Hood over the weekend and local skiers are set for a double celebration with Highway 35 reopening as early as Friday. Area residents have been cut off from direct access with Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Resort since Sept. 30, when the roadway was closed due to flood damage about 30 miles south of Hood River. — Hood River News

The city of The Dalles will be well-represented at a premier show of a local band at the Granada Theatre Nov. 4. All 87 city employees are getting tickets to Dale Rollins’ production of “Our Search of the Northwest Passage,” by his new China Clipper Band. — The Dalles Chronicle

Kenneth Ritch of La Center rested on an emergency bed at Skyline Hospital and recounted the events of Oct. 18, when he encountered a black bear during a deer hunting trip, leading to several puncture wounds on his left arm and leg. Ritch got started at 6:30 a.m., heading off Brewer Road in the Wahkiacus area to begin the hunt. About three hours later, he found himself in a heavily-wooded area with tall timbers when he heard some noise in the brush. “I thought it would be a deer, then I saw a bear,” Ritch said. “I backed off and went under a fence and started going down a hill. It followed me, snapping its jaws and pawing the ground.” Ritch said it continued to come after him and he felt threatened. Finally, he shot the young bear with his 30.06 rifle, hitting it in the shoulder. It only riled the bear, and Ritch continued to empty his clip, hitting its stomach once and missing the other times. When the rifle’s chamber was empty, Ritch reloaded, the bear hanging on him, biting his leg and arm. He fired again, hitting the bear square in the head, killing it. — White Salmon Enterprise

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