Volleyball Venture

Volleyball Venture Audrey Synon, a 2020 graduate of The Dalles High School has been signed to play volleyball at Blue Mountain Volleyball in Pendleton. Her interest in volleyball was sparked when she joined The Dalles Middle School volleyball team. She went on to play for the Cherry City Juniors volleyball club, and was on the high school team for four years. “I wanted to have more of a challenge,” she said in regards to playing in Pendleton. “My dad went there, he said it was a good school.” Her club coach, Teresa Morris, said Synon was a versatile leader on her squad. “She’s a strong player, whatever position you put her in,” she said. Synon said throughout her career in volleyball, her coaches helped her improve as a player, and her family gaver her support. Pictured with her are, left to right, her mom and day, Ben and Susan Synon, her assistant and club coach Teresa Morris and her sister Marcy Synon.