For nearly 50 years, The Next Door has worked tirelessly in the area of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). In an effort to continue to talk the talk and walk the walk, the organization recently released its new DEI Statement. It reads, in part: 

“We believe that all of our neighbors have value. Since 1971, we have worked directly with our community to offer support, therapy, education, and encouragement. But, we also know that to truly help people, our work needs to pull apart and change system level laws and rules that serve to keep people down. 

“We know that together we are stronger. The Next Door welcomes community members to join us as board members, coworkers, volunteers, students, teachers, and people in our programs. Together we learn, grow, and support the change we know makes us all stronger and healthier. 

“The Next Door humbly strives to include all, by embracing the richness of diverse people and ideas. We understand the need for equity, while working to change our culture. For changing our culture is truly the only lasting answer that will bring us away from our country’s history of white power, the undue praise of people who ‘go it alone’ and the system level abuses of others in order to ‘get ahead.’” 

Therefore, said a press release, The Next Door pledges to: 

  • Listen to all of our neighbors. 
  • Never cease learning. 
  • Support and help where it is truly needed.
  • Never stop hoping for a better world.
  • Praise those who learn and survive. 
  • Call out injustice, particularly racism. 
  • Work hard to change unfair rules and laws. 

“And, most importantly, we pledge never to forget why The Next Door was created, where we came from, and who we represent,” said the press release.

To read the full DEI Statement, visit 

DEI Assessments available

If your business or organization would like support with a DEI Assessment or equity training for your staff or board, The Next Door’s Consulting Services department can help. E-mail for more information. 

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