COVID-19 Vaccine Protection Lasts at Least Six Months After Second Dose

A free, 2-day walk-in vaccine clinic is scheduled this Friday and Saturday, March 17-18, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. each day, at 523 E. Third St., The Dalles.

The clinic offers the updated COVID-19 booster, which provides strong protection against hospitalization in those who get COVID-19.

The clinic is at the former Griffith Motors building, across from Sawyer’s and Grinders Coffee. No appointment, ID, or insurance needed!

Recent data shows people who got the updated vaccine were 14 times less likely to die compared with those with no vaccine, and 3 times less likely to die compared to those with just the original COVID-19 vaccines.

The clinic offers primary and booster doses of COVID vaccines, regular flu vaccines and the MPOX vaccine.

Everyone 6 months and older is eligible for primary and booster doses of COVID, and also for the flu vaccine.

For more information, visit COVID-19 Vaccine in Oregon, contact North Central Public Health District at 541-506-2600, visit us on the web at or find them on Facebook.