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Also running for the District 3 position is Miland Walling, who did not respond to the questionnaire. Information on Walling can be found at www.facebook.com/MilandforCommissioner.

Jim Sizemore 

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Jim Sizemore 


I’ve been an active part of the community since I moved here 43 years ago. I’ve been involved in Goldendale Jaycee’s, Natural Resources Advisory Board, Board of Equalization, Fair Board, I’ve been a volunteer firefighter. I’m honored to have served as your commissioner for the past eight years.


How does your previous experience help qualify you for this Legislative role?

I have a lot of leadership experience in the county. These experiences have given me a lot of knowledge about many parts of our county; what needs to be done and what I can do to help. I work hard to represent everyone who lives in Klickitat County.


Tell us why you are running for this office and list your top three concerns.

The people who live in Klickitat County need a Board of Commissioners that have experience in the budgeting process and the internal working of county government. My priority is to use my experience as we work through a pandemic and a recession. Another pressing priority is to help our county residents and natural areas be more fire resistant as mother nature and weather changes. Another priority is I’d like to put more emphasis on mental health, with a focus on bringing qualified professional help to those that need it.

What role do you believe the Washington State Legislature has in responding to concerns over the climate crisis?

I believe government has a role in not only responding to the climate crisis but also to be a part of the solution. Klickitat County is a leader in Washington State for renewable energy. I have and continue to encourage and support wind, solar, and pump storage projects. I have always believed in science-based management practices of natural resources. The management of our public lands in Klickitat County need rethinking and I want to be a part of updating public land management to better reflect a more resilient landscape to extreme weather conditions brought about by the change in climate.


We need childcare. I would support any legislation that could help us bring quality and affordable childcare to our rural county.


Klickitat County is now in Phase 2. The best immediate help for small business is for the county to move to Phase 3. I would suggest that business owners make a public ask that everyone wear a mask, social distance, and respect the number of people that can gather.


Do you support the Port of Hood River’s efforts to replace the Hood River-White Salmon Interstate Bridge? Why or why not?

I support this 100 percent. The bridge is vital to our economy. It will be a bi-state effort and I want to help get it done.


Dan Christopher

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Dan Christopher

My wife and I live in Centerville.  I graduated from Mt. Hood Community College.  I have been a successful business owner for the last 20 years.  I also volunteer with many organizations in our community, because I want to make a difference in peoples’ lives.


How does your previous experience help qualify you for this Commissioner role?

    I have been making presentations before State representatives; State Policy Commissions and County Commissions for over 25 years. I have been in our Klickitat County Commissioner meetings weekly for years. The voters of District 3 chose me almost 2-1 over my opponent in the primary election, because they trust me.


Tell us why you are running for this office and list your top three concerns.

I as running, because our people need help now! Our current leadership is turning District 3 into communities of poverty and despair, while making their special interest campaign donors rich. 

We need Transparency. I am in all the public meetings. We need to end the behind closed door meetings and deals that only benefit the wealthy campaign donors.

Support our at-risk youth. Currently the Commissioners only allot $24,000 on our at-risk youth.

Growth management/development strategies that protect our critical environmental areas. Right now I believe our current commission looks at environmental and habitat concerns more like speed bumps.   


What role do you believe local governments have in responding to concerns over the climate crisis? 

Growth, or growth management and its relationship to wildfire, smoke and public safety. We have already started seeing the rush of people fleeing the big cities for the fresh air and clear waters here. While growth can be good for your economy, I believe we need a balanced growth policy to make sure we don’t end up with land development issues like they did with the Paradise Hills complex fire in California in 2018. When you put large developments, in a rural treed areas like the White Salmon River, with small volunteer fire departments you are asking for wildfire problems   


Please describe a specific piece of legislation you would sponsor or support in the next session. 

Transparency. Video conferencing all meetings to the public. You will never have a government that serves it’s people until all meetings are held in public.


 Give one specific suggestion you have for helping small businesses recover from the economic effects of the coronavirus pandemic. 

I believe we need new, younger, fresher ideas to increase our county’s tourism. Create a tourism citizens advisory board to help increase our county tourism.


Do you support the Port of Hood River’s efforts to replace the Hood River-White Salmon Interstate Bridge? Why or why not? 

 Yes. But I also think Klickitat county and especially White Salmon should have an equal voice on that bridge building commission where currently it doesn’t.



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